Cushion Cut Diamonds

We have invested to set up an infrastructure, to offer modified cushion cut diamonds at highly competitive price points. We produce a broad range of cushion cut diamonds in various clarity and color ranging from 0.30 carats upwards. We offer both GIA certified and non-certified cushion cut diamonds. The most popular shape is a slight rectangle of 1.10-1.20 length to width. Most of our diamonds are cut to meet these specifications. All our certified diamonds are cut grades Good and above.

Round Brilliant Diamonds

We offer a wide range of selection of certified and non-certified round diamonds. Our fair pricing policy eliminates all negotiation thereby offering our customers total peace of mind. Our inventory of round brilliant cuts mainly comprises of white goods only and from sizes ranging from 0.30 carats and upwards. We also carry Premium Cut Bluff (SI3) stones.

Cupid’s Arrows Cut, our own 'Hearts & Arrows' Diamonds

Our cupid’s arrows cut diamonds are perfect in every way. The rarity and perfection of each Celebration Hearts Cupid's Arrows™ Cut diamond goes beyond possessing ideal proportions. Due to its superior symmetry and the masterful way this diamond has been finished, visible inside each diamond is the breathtaking pattern of 8 perfect hearts when viewed through the pavilion. And a pattern of 8 perfect arrows when viewed through the table with a special scope.

It is an exceptionally brilliant diamond.  As a diamond ideal in proportions, polish and symmetry, it surpasses other ideal cut diamonds by maximizing the way each ray of light enters, refracts off its perfectly cut and polished facets in a blaze of light, creating a diamond of untold brilliance, fire and scintillation.