Celebrating Your Moments

Celebration Hearts - For Those Special Moments

Celebration Hearts is amongst the few prestigious manufacturers worldwide to offer jewelry using hearts and arrows diamonds in all sizes. Even our smallest diamonds reflect a pattern of eight hearts and arrows Very few manufacturers worldwide have the expertise to manufacture diamonds to such precision cut. Only a handful of highly skilled craftsmen in the world are trained to cut to such standards of perfection. Our expert craftsmen spend countless hours to finish the diamond to perfection in order to get the crisp pattern of hearts and arrows.

Celebration Hearts Jewelry - A Hearts and Arrows Diamond

The Diamond To Celebrate Your Moments - The rarity and perfection of each Celebration Hearts Cupid's Arrows™ Cut diamond goes beyond possessing ideal proportions. Due to its superior symmetry and the masterful way this diamond has been finished, visible inside each diamond is the breathtaking pattern of 8 perfect hearts when viewed through the pavilion. And a pattern of 8 perfect arrows when viewed through the table with a special scope.
Celebration Hearts represents the ultimate in diamond perfection and quality. It is an exceptionally brilliant diamond. A diamond so beautiful, its title best describes its absolute perfection. As a diamond ideal in proportions, polish and symmetry, it surpasses other ideal cut diamonds by maximizing the way each ray of light enters, refracts off its perfectly cut and polished facets in a blaze of light, creating a diamond of untold brilliance, fire and scintillation.


Celebration Hearts Ero-Scope 

The Ero-Scope allows you to view the arrows in the Cupid’s Arrows jewelry piece underneath the viewing end of the scope and be amazed at the wondrous pattern that appears.*
*Please note, the hearts pattern can only be viewed on a loose diamond

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